A - Amazin' alphabet and A
B - Bubbly person.
C - Careful! She's not a
D - Daredevil nor an
E - enemy. she's a
F - fanatic
G - glamorous gal.
H - High-spirited
I - ideal
J - Jane.
K - Kind-hearted
L - lass. A
M - music aficionado,
N - nice looking...
O - one of a kind
P - pal....
Q - Quietly, life's quest. With a
R - rustic personality.
S - search
T - totally, has been tests...
U - unsinkable, unbeatable, unstopable...precisely me.
V - vastly,
W - wacky...
X - x... a kiss for someone's reading this...
Y - yikes! what an amazing alphabet it is...
Z - zilch... :) zest for life...

A Typical Lass

Oh, a lass...
that surely makes your life so dearly.
Kinda typical lass...
just an ordinary lass in the earth.
It's real and it's true...
Living in her simple ways,
in her simple thoughts...
a lass that is weak but brave.
a silly but drives you crazy.
Teases you off 'till you hate...
not a smart sassy nor an idiot lass;
not a Hollywood rockstar nor an asia's
Princess Pop star...
not a Daredevil nor an Adorable Angel...
It's just a typical lass...
that loves you precisely,
just dont break her heart so quickly...
for a bubbly, typical lass life's
quest not that easy.....

Maybe I....

It's been in the past
maybe for a while
I get a flash and I grinned..
am I insane?
Maybe I, Maybe I...

And It's been crossed in my mind
Maybe were friends
Maybe were more...
Maybe it's just my imagination
I have to know why!...

Wondering why it's so indelible.
That felt so incredible
Maybe these just cause of so much stress.
Maybe I just got to know ....
But till now, im Clueless...


I don't know how to this right.
'cause I'm about to ride a bus,
It's already 10'clock...
but I wasn't expected atlast...
It was real and it was right.
To have a short eye to eye
to the alien lad...
that brought a blush to my cheeks.

His hazel eyes is like a tiny crystal clear.
his mousy hair is like a tiny ginger.
his glance drivin' me crazy...
Got a stunnin' personality...
Can't help to stare at him,
seems his the lad of my dreams.

I had an imbecile feelin'...
caught a glimpse of the lad who stole my attention.
I felt nowhere when his hazel eyes stuck at me...
I was completely melting on that day....
An alien lad who've been in my journey...

Pusong binihag

Noong una pa lang kitang nakita,
Ako'y may nadarama na,
Paano kasi ika'y sadyang kahanga-hanga
Ako'y nabighani sa yong maamong mukha.

'di na bali kung di mo ako kilala,
malaman mo na lang na ako'y
isa mong tagahanga,
na handang sumuporta sa yong ginagawa
At nandito kapag ikay nanghihina...

Hay naku! ?Ano ba 'tong nadarama ko
Alam kong hindi mo ako gusto,
Ngunit bakit ganito? tulungan mo naman ako!
Nanghihingalo na 'tong pusong
binihag mo......


I've been in a garden
that I've never seen before
Butterflies were flyin'
Pink roses were smilin'
Green grasses were stunnin'
It was very wonderful garden...
Sittin' like a child,
Does an awesome angel instead.
that seems so amazin'...
A place that nobody saw me
I couldn't feel any worries,
'cause I feel safe, secure
and have protection....
that brought a grinned smile to my face.
Suddenly, my alarm clock seems so noisy.
It's already 7 'clock in the mornin'
But I aint forgot,
once in my dream, that I'm an..................

Angel... 0:-)


I'm alone but I'm happy.
I'm poor but I'm kind.
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed.
I'm crazy but I'm silly.
I'm lost but I'm hopeful.
I feel drunk but I'm sober.
I'm ambitious but I'm a dreamer.
I'm young but I'm big enough.
I'm tired but I dont mind.
I care but I'm restless.
I'm free but I'm focused.
I'm green but I'm clever.
Im hard but I'm friendly.
I'm sad but I'm laughing.
I'm real but I'm true.
Im sick but I'm pretty.
And it's gonna be alright....
'cause I've got as I!

Keep Runnin'

thoughts keep fallin' out of my pocket
everythin' is droppin'
keep runnin'....
waking hours were almost done
runnin' late, missed the bus...
so i just rush out
keep runnin'...
i'll almost forgot it
but i dont mind
just keep runnin'...
i must admit it, i'm tired..
but i dont care.
keep believin', keep runnin'
keep my head held high
im holding it together,
till i can go the distance
i will find my way
i'll be right where i belong...
just keep runnin'......