September 1

Have you ever known the month of september?
How about the number one? really?
Do you know how much special the month I'm talking about?
Frankly, it's about someone's special...
Guess who?
Actually, shes's a she. It's her birthday..
and I'm overwhelmed indeed;
She's already 22 years of age now.
Although we're now far apart
but the closeness
and the bond we have doesn't fade..

She loves composing poem too..
and ever since the world begun, she's very crazy about caucasians...
during her single years, she have many poosters of hollywood boy bands,

Simple Plan,
The Calling,
Matchbox twenty,
3 Doors Down,
Linkin Park,
Hanson, etc.....
that's why her email address is foriegnfanatic87.
Until she found someone to be loved..
Precisely, a caucasian too...
not a hollywood actors...
Indeed, god wrote the best love story for her,
and I wish mine too... :)))
well, well, ..................
She's my bestfriend,

my make-up artist,
my fashion designer,
my best daredevil
but at the same time..
She's my best guardian angel,
she's my best boxer....
she is big and I'm small...
OMG! :)))) She's my big sister............
MARIZ :) lol, I'm not in a wrong time...
naks! you wake up another day is gone.... 22!
It's never ever be late to greet you...
I miss you tooooo...
Love you as always..


A - Amazin' alphabet and A
B - Bubbly person.
C - Careful! She's not a
D - Daredevil nor an
E - enemy. she's a
F - fanatic
G - glamorous gal.
H - High-spirited
I - ideal
J - Jane.
K - Kind-hearted
L - lass. A
M - music aficionado,
N - nice looking...
O - one of a kind
P - pal....
Q - Quietly, life's quest. With a
R - rustic personality.
S - search
T - totally, has been tests...
U - unsinkable, unbeatable, unstopable...precisely me.
V - vastly,
W - wacky...
X - x... a kiss for someone's reading this...
Y - yikes! what an amazing alphabet it is...
Z - zilch... :) zest for life...

A Typical Lass

Oh, a lass...
that surely makes your life so dearly.
Kinda typical lass...
just an ordinary lass in the earth.
It's real and it's true...
Living in her simple ways,
in her simple thoughts...
a lass that is weak but brave.
a silly but drives you crazy.
Teases you off 'till you hate...
not a smart sassy nor an idiot lass;
not a Hollywood rockstar nor an asia's
Princess Pop star...
not a Daredevil nor an Adorable Angel...
It's just a typical lass...
that loves you precisely,
just dont break her heart so quickly...
for a bubbly, typical lass life's
quest not that easy.....

Maybe I....

It's been in the past
maybe for a while
I get a flash and I grinned..
am I insane?
Maybe I, Maybe I...

And It's been crossed in my mind
Maybe were friends
Maybe were more...
Maybe it's just my imagination
I have to know why!...

Wondering why it's so indelible.
That felt so incredible
Maybe these just cause of so much stress.
Maybe I just got to know ....
But till now, im Clueless...


I don't know how to this right.
'cause I'm about to ride a bus,
It's already 10'clock...
but I wasn't expected atlast...
It was real and it was right.
To have a short eye to eye
to the alien lad...
that brought a blush to my cheeks.

His hazel eyes is like a tiny crystal clear.
his mousy hair is like a tiny ginger.
his glance drivin' me crazy...
Got a stunnin' personality...
Can't help to stare at him,
seems his the lad of my dreams.

I had an imbecile feelin'...
caught a glimpse of the lad who stole my attention.
I felt nowhere when his hazel eyes stuck at me...
I was completely melting on that day....
An alien lad who've been in my journey...

Pusong binihag

Noong una pa lang kitang nakita,
Ako'y may nadarama na,
Paano kasi ika'y sadyang kahanga-hanga
Ako'y nabighani sa yong maamong mukha.

'di na bali kung di mo ako kilala,
malaman mo na lang na ako'y
isa mong tagahanga,
na handang sumuporta sa yong ginagawa
At nandito kapag ikay nanghihina...

Hay naku! ?Ano ba 'tong nadarama ko
Alam kong hindi mo ako gusto,
Ngunit bakit ganito? tulungan mo naman ako!
Nanghihingalo na 'tong pusong
binihag mo......


I've been in a garden
that I've never seen before
Butterflies were flyin'
Pink roses were smilin'
Green grasses were stunnin'
It was very wonderful garden...
Sittin' like a child,
Does an awesome angel instead.
that seems so amazin'...
A place that nobody saw me
I couldn't feel any worries,
'cause I feel safe, secure
and have protection....
that brought a grinned smile to my face.
Suddenly, my alarm clock seems so noisy.
It's already 7 'clock in the mornin'
But I aint forgot,
once in my dream, that I'm an..................

Angel... 0:-)


I'm alone but I'm happy.
I'm poor but I'm kind.
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed.
I'm crazy but I'm silly.
I'm lost but I'm hopeful.
I feel drunk but I'm sober.
I'm ambitious but I'm a dreamer.
I'm young but I'm big enough.
I'm tired but I dont mind.
I care but I'm restless.
I'm free but I'm focused.
I'm green but I'm clever.
Im hard but I'm friendly.
I'm sad but I'm laughing.
I'm real but I'm true.
Im sick but I'm pretty.
And it's gonna be alright....
'cause I've got as I!

Keep Runnin'

thoughts keep fallin' out of my pocket
everythin' is droppin'
keep runnin'....
waking hours were almost done
runnin' late, missed the bus...
so i just rush out
keep runnin'...
i'll almost forgot it
but i dont mind
just keep runnin'...
i must admit it, i'm tired..
but i dont care.
keep believin', keep runnin'
keep my head held high
im holding it together,
till i can go the distance
i will find my way
i'll be right where i belong...
just keep runnin'......

Love is....

having someoneto be with
someone you can't be without
it's wanting to hold them every second
that's what it all about..
the happiness you feel
when everything's gone wrong
the way you sit there
and think of crazy love songs.
the sadness in your heart
when you know their not there
the safeness you have
when you are feeling scared...
the hope you have
when everything's gone
the dreams you hold
when youre alone...
having someone to talk to
when no one is listening
bein' so inlove
that nothing in your life is missing....
knowing that someone loves you
and loves you forever...
thinking of you every second
thats what true love is...

warning:::: i got only zero but im ok...
jane :)

me, myslef, and i

just having some fun......

lol...with little puppy dusky...

dusky and jane...


hey, whatt..

my graduation :)


the graduates...

lol..i cant imagine i got the diff. tossil...look at that instead of white, its turnin' to green....

my little sis, me, and big sis... or the three musketteeerrssss....

Frustrating Realizations:

  • you find the perfect love, but in a wrong time.
  • you find the perfect one, but he's not inlove with you.
  • you find the perfect one, but you must be loyal to someone else.
  • you got the perfect looks, but no one takes you seriously.
  • you met the perfect personality, but you're bound to be just friends.
  • you got brains, but got a frail heart.
  • you find the courage, but it's just too late...
  • you're ready to fall inlove, but you don't know where to start...

Insensitive man

you can never teach a guy to love you the way you want to be loved...
you have to wait for him to do it in his own way,
in his own time...
that's the saddest part of bein' a girl...
but you can never teach a girl to love
the guy back the way she did before if she already grew tired and fed up.
understanding and waiting to be appreciated and
loved the way she deserves to be loved...
that's the saddest part of bein' an

i wanna be alone...

im tired.....

i wanna scream
i wanna shout....
i wanna be alone..
this is the life
I gonna hold on tight.
Im just sick...
I wanna say goodbye..
but i dont wanna leave..
****** amardszz,,, ******
hmmm...saon mani........
bye people...
and hi world...

I want

I want to be alone

so that I can cry all my sorrows...

I want to be numb

so that I can't feel the hearteaches...

I want to shout

so that I can hear my desperate voice...

I want to stay in the rain

so that the pain shall wash away...

I just want that one day

I can smile once again....


Never say I love you
If you really don't care
Never talk about feelings
If they aren't there
Never hold my hand
If you're goingto break my heart
Never say, "I'm going to..."
If you don't plan to start
Never look in my eyes
If all say are lies
Never say hello
When you really mean goodbye
If you truly mean forever
Then promise me you'll try
Never say forever
In the end I'll only cry...

It Could be Forever

Sorry, for the way I stare
Forgive me, for the way I think of you
Pardon me, for dreaming all about you
And do understand, the way I love you

If you just knew what it is like this way
I shiver when you're near
I stare at you just to sieze the day
I act so strange if you're around
I feel my heart smile when I see you
I brag endlessly uttering words about you
And "d be hurt just the thought you can't be mine

If you just know how long I've been hiding
The secret of my affection, admiration I have
I never want you to notice
That I'm simply falling in love
But I hate the way I feel this pain
The pain, the fear of not wanting you to know
Or even just to give you a single clue

ForI fear to face rejection and humiliation
If I'd think about how I acted when you're near
I think I'm gonna regret those things
Coz I assume I gonna lost that moment
Trembling, gasping for what to do and say
If I just knew how to be myself with you
If only I knew whats on your mind
Then, I didn't have to act someone else

If tomorrow comes that you'd learn
The way I see you, the way I feel for you
Please, I never want you to turn away
Let me love the sight of you
I'm really glad to have found you
I confess, that it hurts so bad falling for you
I can never grace my heart way to you

I guess I have to say this way
With your presence so heart away
I'll be unnoticed, unseen and unloved by you

I do hope it's alright
If I'd be loving you silently
You dont have to worry
I have nothing to ask for
Although I know it can't be
Just let me be this way
Maybe for a while, for a moment
Or maybe it could be forever...

Life is a journey

Life is a journey
that begins at birth,
an exploration of a paradise
called earth.

Life is a breath of fresh air
against your cheek.
It's the tears that fall
and the smile that lifts you
when you're weak.

Life is an exclamation of joy
when spring has begun.
It's the excitement you feel
beneath the sun.

Life is a cherished memory
that makes you feel warm
and the comfort of a fire
in the midst of a storm.

Life is holding your newborn
and watching your child grow.
It's pigtails and roller skates,
and fights in the snow.

Life is a heartbeat
and the song of a bird.
It's the voice of those you love
and all the music you've ever heard.

Life is the most precious gift from God
that you'll ever receive,
and to live it to its fullest,
you've only to believe...

that this is your life,
and you can be,
all you've ever
hoped to be.