September 1

Have you ever known the month of september?
How about the number one? really?
Do you know how much special the month I'm talking about?
Frankly, it's about someone's special...
Guess who?
Actually, shes's a she. It's her birthday..
and I'm overwhelmed indeed;
She's already 22 years of age now.
Although we're now far apart
but the closeness
and the bond we have doesn't fade..

She loves composing poem too..
and ever since the world begun, she's very crazy about caucasians...
during her single years, she have many poosters of hollywood boy bands,

Simple Plan,
The Calling,
Matchbox twenty,
3 Doors Down,
Linkin Park,
Hanson, etc.....
that's why her email address is foriegnfanatic87.
Until she found someone to be loved..
Precisely, a caucasian too...
not a hollywood actors...
Indeed, god wrote the best love story for her,
and I wish mine too... :)))
well, well, ..................
She's my bestfriend,

my make-up artist,
my fashion designer,
my best daredevil
but at the same time..
She's my best guardian angel,
she's my best boxer....
she is big and I'm small...
OMG! :)))) She's my big sister............
MARIZ :) lol, I'm not in a wrong time...
naks! you wake up another day is gone.... 22!
It's never ever be late to greet you...
I miss you tooooo...
Love you as always..